DXPEDITION TM3B EU-105 (04-05-2013 - 11-05-2013)

Île de Batz (eu105) will be activated by ON7USB - ON5HC - ON7PQ - ON5MF - ON8AZ.

Île de Batz is a small island in Brittany, it is about 3,5 by 1,5 km and has a little over 500 inhabitants. It's name comes from latin 'insula bassa' which means low island.

The island has a pretty rich history with the first known presence of humans being over 5000 years ago, around 525 the local dragon was defeated by Paul Aurélien, in 878 the island was invaded by the vikings and in de middle ages the island was pillaged multiple times by english troops.

Around 1790 the island became very important for defending France against the English warships.

Today the island economy is mainly based on agriculture which helps conserving the landscape, fishing and some tourism.